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tv   America Live  FOX News  September 25, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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jon: imagine if you could be this chat. this cat, he is about to get 41 pounds, total. jenna: mauser, she is not. "america live" is next. megyn: fox news alert for iran. welcome to american life, i am met megyn kelly. president obama addressing u.s. today and what we were told would be a speech. the president devoted time
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saying that the united states wants to resolve u.s. diplomacy, believing there is time to do so. his remarks, once again, reflects witchery muscle, unveiling a new drone that it says complies with a range of over 1200 miles and covers much of the middle east, including israel and many u.s. military bases. what is more, iran says it wants to develop a drone with attack capabilities. ed henry is live in newark city with more. reporter: overnight as well, we learned that iran test fired four missiles that are designed to hit warships. is giving you an idea i say are how high tensions are. he has been demanding what he calls redlines from the obama administration in terms of some sort of an idea of exactly at what point when iran reaches a nuclear threshold. at what point would the u.s. take military action to stop them from moving forward.
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the president made clear that he still believes the tough sanctions put in place against iran need more time to work. frankly, if we get up on time and and diplomatic space come and see khalsa, this will work out in the end. he also added that this threat at the end. >> that is why we are holding the iranian government accountable and we will do what we must to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> interesting as you know, the president is not doing any one-on-one bilateral meetings with any world leaders, including benjamin netanyahu. the white house had made clear that the prime minister is not actually in new york at the same time as the president. nonetheless, israeli officials have said that they have made clear they would like to go to
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washington at the end of the week to meet. they believe this is a critical time for the white house has suggested that that is not being added to the president's schedule. the president taking heat because he was on the show the view. he found time for that, taking a lot of heat for not meeting individually with world leaders as national security foreign policy moves back to the front burner of this presidential campaign. hanging over all of this is the question as to whether israel will launch a unilateral strike against iran before the u.s. election to stop the threat. megyn: ed henry, we are being told that this this is the first time in two decades that the president has chosen not to meet with world leaders. the first time in two decades, our leader has chosen not to sit down with a foreign leader. a common topic was the president appearance of the view and the
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u.s. consulate attack on libya. the violence was the result of a spontaneous mob. and then tried to verify that it was a self-evident terrorist attack. the president made no mention of the word terror or any terror groups when he denounced the violence on either venue. >> the at talks in attacks in benghazi were no doubt that it was a terror attack. >> are no doubt that the kinds of weapons that were used, the ongoing assault, that it wasn't just a mob action. what is clear is that around the world, there is still a lot of threats out there. megyn: coming up, a man that suggests the presence messaging may actually be making us look weak to the rest of the world. just ahead, lieutenant ralph peters joins us on what the
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president said this morning. just minutes ago. while the president decides not to describe the events in libya during a terrorist attack, his presidential challenger took a very different route. it appears that the mobile initiative was developed this morning. >> a lot of americans are troubled by developments in the middle east. syria has witnessed a killing of tens of thousands of people. and ambassador was assassinated. iran is moving towards nuclear weapons capability. we are at the mercy of events rather than shaping events. megyn: governor romney went on to describe what he called a prosperity plan. he said he would initiate it if elected as president. it is to help foster work and free enterprise in the middle
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east. a new polling data indicates the obama campaign is struggling to win the support of a key voting bloc. military veterans. one recent poll. take a look at this, shows governor romney with a double-digit lead among veterans in three states. in florida, mitt romney is up by 20 percentage points. another study, including third-party candidates finds the majority of veterans and military families in colorado favor governor romney. you can put that first screen up again, and we will discuss it with chris stirewalt. before we put you on screen, a 20-point advantage for romney in florida, 12 points in ohio and 12 points in virginia, all among military veterans. can you tell us, chris, what is going on? how is the voting bloc?
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>> i'm sure that many viewers like you put things back up now. the true picture is, florida, virginia, north carolina -- these are states with very substantial veteran and military populations. republicans generally do better among those who have served in the military. john mccain did not do quite as well. when you look at the narrow states come in there. if things get out of whack for the president with military voters and veterans. when we look at hispanic voters, the goal isn't mitt romney doesn't want to win from he just wants to not lose to buy as much. especially in those three states, especially in those states that he won so narrowly last time. megyn: what is the explanation
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for the favoritism by military veterans for mitt romney? >> one thing i should say that you referenced would be best. it would be the baddest on a pole poll that is constructed in a way that many pollsters would have relied upon. that is not exactly what we expect to see. the president may actually do worse among military voters and even a poll showed. here is the deal. in 2000 and the president was running, he was talking a lot about what he wanted to hear for veterans. people were ready for change. he held onto the timeline in iraq and he brought the troops out, and all of those things. but there is broad dissatisfaction among people who said that we are doing it wrong
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on foreign policy these days. certainly current events in the middle east would give republicans fodder to say who have an acute understanding of national security issues, that's not getting it done. megyn: to have have an acute understanding and interest themselves. we cover these guys are roscoe over there and do it. they watch these things carefully. i want to ask you. you know, the president gave the order to have bin laden killed. the mob and was killed. that was something that was celebrated by americans, military americans and civilians. but then there was the veterans group who has been critical of him, who went public with this advertising campaign. let's watch lists. >> i think when i go after bin laden, if we have a clear shot,
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i did -- i did -- i did. megyn: mike, that is the kind of thing that is making it impact. he is taking credit for. >> the president has wanted to show himself as the keeper of the kill list and the snuffer of bin laden. he wants to make himself clear that the president is tougher on these issues, especially due to so much turmoil in the muslim world. as he tries to play things out, guess who he offends? people who serve in the military. it opens the door and trantor very wide for conservatives to make the case that this guy is showboating instead of letting giving credit where it's due. megyn: thank you.
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exactly two weeks after the terror attack killed our ambassador in libya, we'll hear from two people who survived and what they think they understand what kind of message they are sending. and comments aimed at governor romney from senator haley reed. he is bashing romney on religion. wait until you hear this. again, president obama speaking at length about the recent violence overseas. ralph peters is next on the message. i have a cold, and i took nyquil,
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megyn: just 48 hours ago, this was the scene on the streets. the crowds are shouting death to america and death to israel. we have heard and seen this in a dozen countries in the last two weeks. president obama spoke this morning. on an appearance that aired today on the show, "the view." as we mentioned, ralph peters is the author of a new book. president was a little tougher in his rhetoric in speaking to the u.n. but he did not go so far to call the terror attacks, he did
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defend free speech before the united nations and when speaking on "the view", he talked about how we are going to hunt down those who did this. he will do everything to make sure that our embassies are protected. what are your thoughts? >> well, it would've been nice if he could've seen that the embassies were protected before it our ambassador was murdered. but i am for anything taught that obama does. but he has to live up to the words. i was actually struck by things he did not say in his speech. first of all, on free speech, it's fine to stand up and talk about free speech and the importance of americans with that. but the administration will not let our intelligence community use the word islamist terrorists in reports. if you notice, he dances around it. when it came to iran, he said, again, we will do whatever it
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takes. but he could not back him he could not bring himself to add, including military force to stop the nuclear program. so i think that although president obama is a great speaker, i think it was too weak at crucial points. it was a lot of rhetoric and not a lot of action. megyn: he said we will prevent them from doing nuclear proliferation. doesn't matter what he says about what he was more forceful about on that particular point? >> even if it doesn't matter, which has written obama off as a weakling, it matters to the world community. there is a possibility that we are going to use military force or feel compelled to, with iran and an exchange of israel from you want to prepare the world community. the audience at the end is the world.
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i don't think he impressed anybody with that. but i have to say that i'm getting very concerned about this. clearly, the administration just doesn't know what to do about iran. they are kicking the can down the road. but even the election is over, they don't know what to do. there is no good answer. then i heard a retired u.s. general on a television program yesterday morning, say don't worry, ron is governed by the u.s. and doesn't want to fight the u.s. megan, if there is any slight chance of a war, you never underestimate your opponent for his determination and with iran, he took a million and a half casualties, has a martyrdom complex, and has spent the last two decades, tailoring its armed forces from the street of the
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foremost and hit israel. the iranians, with their martyrdom complex from it they do not like this. i don't have the administration 's negotiation, ron has moved closer to nuclear weapons. as i'd love to say, negotiations are the opiate of chattering classes. megyn: the question of free speech. we did hear the president more forcible as morning in the united nations. at the same time, we have the president saying this to the international community. the administration is running in a nod featuring the president and hillary clinton condemning the hacking that speech. they are attacking it on an
10:20 am
advertisement in pakistani television. are we sending mixed messages? >> the pakistanis don't take anything serious from this administration or any american administration. they listen to their own kind and they believe their own kind. at some point you have to draw a line and say, look, we are not going to pander to the most vicious, extreme, fanatical and violent forces in the islamic world. we are going to work with the decent people who want to move forward. what the administration has not adequately publicized is hundreds of people were involved. we saw tens of thousands of libyans come out in protest against the storming of our embassy. the constant pandering for the worst elements, foreign and domestic, we are weakening. the muslims who just want a decent and better life.
10:21 am
megyn: the president spoke to that on "the view" today. he said the overwhelming majority of muslims want the same thing that american families one. there are extremists, and these countries are still going through transition. they don't have strong institutions, and there is a vacuum. they try to take advantage of the vacuum, which seems to be an attempt to say what he said yesterday about his foreign policy hitting some bumps in the road. he saw that? did he solve that problem for himself by explaining that way? >> he explained it. and he's certainly right that these are troubled countries struggling to cope with the demands of the modern world. even articulating it doesn't solve it. again, i always go back to this. you cannot hand it to the worst elements. you need to use handle the best.
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when everyone says the same thing, that's not true. people are willing to kill their daughters don't want things that we do. >> thank you so much, sir. megyn: new questions involving america and these are marks right here. >> governor romney was asked does he think it's fair that he pays a lower tax rate than somebody else? you know, a big part of it for us is that there isn't anything on the schedule. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow.
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megyn: this is governor romney on 60 minutes. >> does he think it's fair that he pays a lower tax rate than somebody that is making $50,000 per year. he said yes. i think it is fair and i also think that is the way begin economic growth.
10:26 am
i just have a different vision about how we grow an economy. we grow an economy in the from the middle out and not from the top down. president obama said that romney pays a lower tax rate. when we tried them out, it did not add up. >> is it true or is an outcome that mitt romney paid a lower tax rate than the middle-class? >> that is not true. governor romney paid a tax rate of 14% on a very large income. middle-class americans come and i am defining that as an income grew, the dt max $75,000 per year, has very much the middle-class of america. the effective tax rate that they actually pay, 7.8%. governor romney, 14%, middle class americans, 7.8%.
10:27 am
megyn: where does he get that he is paying higher than 14%? >> he is messing around and mixing up investment profit taxation. governor romney making investment profits. that was his income. the tax rate on that is lower, 15%. the tax on income, the tax rate there is higher. but in this instance, the actual tax paid, the prepaid was hired by governor romney. middle-class americans turning ordinary income. >> i have a confession to make. i spent the majority of my years with zero investments. now i have a good job. and i will finally make something out of it. but my point is i bet that most of you -- a lot of them don't have investments outside of a 401k.
10:28 am
many of them may not understand capital gains. i am an ordinary guy and buy a stock for $100. two years later, i make a capital gain of $100. under this tax system that we have now, i would pay 15% on that 100-dollar capital gain, $15 tax. megyn: mitt romney claims it is double taxation because he says that first $100 that he earned, he already did pay 30% on that for whatever you pay when you are at the highest income bracket. again, he paid 50% on that. as i threw? >> he would be referring to dividends. if i buy a stock for $100 mpca 5% dividend, i would make $5 dividend income on a capital investment. ip tax on that dividend.
10:29 am
megyn: why should we like it? >> it encourages investment. investment makes the economy grow. in the past, when bill clinton, president clinton, when he cut the capital gains rate, he made it more attractive to invest and grow the economy. megyn: it happens to show what happened to the revenue. >> the revenues went straight up. it is the golden rule of taxation. lower the rate and up goes the revenue. megyn: what is that, 96 billion in capital gains taxes, then he lowers the capital gains tax and you can see that the revenues went steadily up in terms of what the government collected. because you want to encourage investors. mitt romney has no guarantee that he's going to make a
10:30 am
dollar. investments can go up or down or you can make zero. >> if i know that the property has been made, the government will take half. but if i know they will only take 15%, i am more inclined to go into that investment. i put my mind into productive enterprise. i invest more. i put my money the use and economy. that is a good thing. look at what happened in late 1990s, bill clinton lowered the capital gains tax rate. you know, that's the golden rule. megyn: that's the amazing thing. tax less and earn more. >> you have more incentive to get out and work harder in the case of lower income tax rates. it is considered legit. megyn: thank you, sir.
10:31 am
i am understanding personally what capital gains do. well, mike gallagher has scored a victory in his fight with facebook. remember what they were doing? we told you about last week. we will tell you what has happened now. plus, senator harry reid, he just attacked governor romney over his religion. which is interesting because they are both mormons. we will explain next [ "the odd couple" theme playing ]
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megyn: fox news alert. senateder harry reid takes on the issue of governor mitt romney's mormon faith, which senator reid happens to share. on a conference call with reporters. mr. reid says governor romney is quote not the face of mormonism and went on from there. he's a democrat in the highest ranking and the highest ranking mormon in u.s. elected office and said you can judge mitt romney as you will but do not judge mormonism by quote the mitt romney that was unveiled to the public. and he went on from there. he's clearly trying to inject this as an inyou in this race. -- as an issue in this race.
10:36 am
according to politico governor romney now hold a 9-point advantage over president obama with middle class families. 53-44%. joining me to discuss it leslie marshall and lars larson. we were told by the mainstream media, lars, that governor romney was having major campaign issues and they were rooted to the middle class so how do you explain this poll? >> i think it's easy to explain. i can't wait for leslie to explain why middle class voters should like a guy -- watching middle class incomes -- megyn family incomes -- not the incomes of doctor's wives like leslie. but family incomes have gone down $5,000 under this guy. obama-care was supposed to bring
10:37 am
premiums down by $2,500 but instead they have gone up $2,500. obama-care has 20 different taxes in it. why would any middle class family be happy about a president who took away flexible spending accounts? what is there to love if romney offers an alternative to what obama has done to them? megyn: when you look at the polling they dug deep and asked what is it that's upsetting you. 45% approve of the job he's doing. only 45% approval rating among the middle class. the right track-wrong track indicator that these analysts tell us matter. 62% of the middle class families said the country is on the wrong track. that could be held in part again the president. >> also today came out not only
10:38 am
in the beginning of this month of september and the end of august, consumer confidence is up. i'm so happy for you lars that you can find one poll that shows mitt romney ahead of my guy barack obama. but the thing about polls, as a democrat i don't get overly confident about the montana leading mitt romney in almost any other poll is a poll is a measure of a person's opinion at that moment in time. what i am want to go know is why that middle class advantage for former governor romney doesn't translate into a lead in the swing states. doesn't translate into a lead nationally, and doesn't translate when three out of four voters say they can't connect with him. megyn: leslie's tone is sarcastic but that's in response to your sarcasm and dismissal of her as a doctor's wife. she is so much more than a doctor's rife.
10:39 am
>> i'm so sorry. i'm in there with harry reid talking about romney's taxes and harry reid saying he's a mormon, you have got to watch out, and he's a mormon. there are a lot of blue dog democrats who will vote for anybody who is a democrat. they won't vote for a republican. i'm wondering how many will tell the pollsters they will go one direction but will walk into the voting booth and do what many right for their families. i'm sure that your guy is leading in the food stamp voter's poll. megyn: leslie, if president obama is not leading mitt romney with the middle class, why does he have a lead? some of the national polls are showing it tied up or president obama ahead by a point or so. who is spurring him to that lead? >> that's a very good question.
10:40 am
i was researching this this morning and trying to connect the dots. at the end of the day when you look at paul ryan's plan which mitt romney says he agrees with, but not 10 pores. when you look at what mitt romney wants to do in the united states as president and wants to run it like he did his company. and if you look at we did in massachusetts when he was governor, clearly romney's policies benefit the rich. i understand the frustration with the economy and not being as optimistic about the economy and being angry and wanting to blame the president. but the alternative is worse for the middle class when they look at the actual numbers. megyn: politico reports 54% of the total american electorate is the middle class -- usually their vote is split count middle. not this time around. >> maybe they are actually listen together results from massachusetts where he took the
10:41 am
state from an expected large deficit to a surplus where he encouraged job growth in the way government should by getting out of the way. the fact is when the president says we are going to put more people to work on infrastructure we know how that translates. we'll borrow money from china and hire people for short-term jobs that don't lead to something that's long term. even middle class voters are saying this does not give us a long-term win. exactly two weeks after four americans were brutally murdered in libya we'll speak with someone who served with the navy seals that died in that attack. we'll hear about this concern about the search to find their killers next. [ female announcer ] you want family dinner to be special.
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10:45 am
served and he saw dignity in the people he met. two weeks ago he traveled to benghazi to review plans to establish a new cultural center and modernize a hospital. that's when america's compound came under attack, along with three of his colleagues, chris was killed in the city he helped to save. megyn: the president offering a tribute at the u.n. general assembly to the u.s. ambassador killed at our consulate in libya. two men the president did not mention specifically by name flaifty seals. tyrone wood and glenn doherty. we have a picture of doherty's barbara who you see at his funeral last week holding a flag presented to her by the navy. during the funeral his which
10:46 am
dedorothy offered a tribute as well as a call to action saying it's easy to write a book about being a navy seal, but it's very hard to write an obituary for one. to all the operators here today i give you this charge. rid the world of those savages. i'll say it again, rid the world of those savages. i want to pick it up with dorothy picked up. rid the world of those savages. does the messaging need to be stronger from our own administration on that same point? >> thanks, megyn. it's encouraging to hear the president speak today in front of the u.n., the language he used seemed pretty clear. however, i will say that given
10:47 am
the circumstances this country is presented with an opportunity and we'll send a message whether we want to or not. and if you attack and kill our people, we'll either do nothing about it or if you attack and kill our people, you and the country that harbors you will pay dearly for doing so. so i think the language is there, as to how strong it needs to be is actions speak louder than words. he seems to have made it clear as to what the intentions are. i would love to see our nation follow through with those words. megyn: what are your thoughts, then, in the week plus since -- the two weeks since the attacks that took the lives of your two friend and two others in terms of the messaging we have been getting about what caused it, who was behind it, it was about a protest over a video, no, it wasn't, it was a terror attack
10:48 am
pap as a navy seal and somebody who knew these guys, what are your thoughts? >> it's been a flurry of emotions. first it was disbelief having known both men very well and served with both of them for a number of years. it was hard to swallow. there are other emotions that are encompassed there that are to be expected. in terms of how it happened, why it happened, from a tactical/operator perspective, we all know what the risks are going over there. but when know events such as those don't happen spontaneously. the perspective that it's because of the video or it's not. to me there is a lot of politics involved and the bottom line is once you are over there and things start to unravel, none of that really matters. what matters is stepping forward
10:49 am
and taking care of your countrymen the way glenn and ty did. and i hope that our country never forgets that and pays respect to guys like ty and glenn and their families. megyn: the reports are they weren't there providing security for ambassador stevens. but they were there and they rushed to help those who found themselves under attack when the consulate came under fire. do you feel that there was a lack of security? >> i think it would be impossible to deny the fact that there was in fact a lack of security or that wouldn't have happened. the bottom line is if you have adequate security you don't lose four your people. it's pretty much that simple. that part of it is frustrating. again i think it's easy to sit and say we should have done this
10:50 am
or could have done that. i think that it's imperative that our government through transparency is very thorough in its investigation, uses all of its resources to conduct the investigation and figures out, you know, the who, what, when, where, why and how of the entire scenario and absolutely follows through with a revenge to right the wrong that happened that day. it's not at all surprising to me that glenn and ty did rush to their aid. if there is one thing i could ask of our president is that he award them with the presidential medal of freedom. i think that those two men and their families are absolutely deserving of it given the circumstances. and i hope that that reaches him and he takes that under serious consideration. megyn: mike, thank you for your
10:51 am
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megyn: we are getting reports that suggests the fight between american airlines and its pilots' union is getting uglier by the moment. reports suggest flight cancellations are piling up on what seem to be fairly minor issues, but we report be you decide. >> reporter: the pilots got their contract kicked out in bankruptcy court and now they are required to fly more hours.
10:55 am
the airline is thinking of terminating or freezing their retirement plan. american has canceled 570 flights. the ones that do take off. more than half of them are late. listen to american airlines. >> the primary cause have been the last-minute maintenance writeups by our pilots. oftentimes right at scheduled departure time are causing significant delays and cancellations in some cases. >> reporter: those are key maintenance issues like broken coffee pots and broken lights and torn material on seats. >> this is not only a sign of unity but it's the path to a pilot strike at american airlines which is something we do not look forward to. >> reporter: many passengers say they understand the dispute but they are the ones who are
10:56 am
being penalized. >> just the way they are going about it seems strange to me, basically not telling the truth. if you want to go out on strike, go out on strike. fine. but all they are doing is inconveniencing the passengers. >> reporter: american airlines has sent letters of apology to their frequent fliers. if you are flying american the next couple weeks you might want to have a plan b. remember last week we had the mom arrested for letting her kids play outside. i said it was the plano police. it wasn't plano police. it was laporte, texas. if i was driving through plano, you know who would be in the
10:57 am
hoosegow? megyn: plano please forgive us, it wasn't plano. questions came up about whether elizabeth warren violated ethics. new questions about whether she is practicing law without a license.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
megyn: fox news alert on the same day president obama speaks to the world about violence around the middle east. two news-making polls on the recent riots overseas. brand-new hour of "america live." the new rasmussen poll asked voters if relations with the islamic world are better or worse than when president obama took office four years ago. 45% said they are worse. 18% thought things have gotten better. 31% believe the president has not made any difference one way
11:01 am
or the other. the president appeared before the united nations and blamed this most recent unrest on a video that insulted islam, portions of which wound up on youtube. a rasmussen poll shows americans don't quite believe that explanation. joining me, scott rasmussen. are these -- is it it a partisan poll? did you ask democrats, republicans and independents when it comes to our relations with the middle east. >> yes and there is a huge partisan gap on this. republicans believe the relations with the muslim world have gotten worse. independent voters tend to share that view. but i monday democrats 32% say they have gotten better. megyn: have you polled on that before? have you seen a shift over the course of time that mightling some of those behaviors or
11:02 am
opinions to what we saw over the middle east the past two weeks? >> when the president first took office we asked about expectations and those, too, broke down along partisan lines. but the numbers have gotten gradually worse. there was a hope early on there might be a i am flovment relayings. the president talks about the video being the cause of the riots. only 23% believe that many the case. most say it's a pre-planned attack. megyn: 65% say it's very likely terrorists were involved in killing our ambassador. the president has not gone quite that far although others in his administration have. his spokesperson came out and said this should be obvious. it looks like the american public has a clear view on it. >> certainly they expect terrorists western involved.
11:03 am
half think the libyan government was formally involved. this all comes in the context of two out of three voters nationwide believe there is a global war between the muslim world and western civilization. only 19% disagree. megyn: on the subject of polls, you have been showing this race as tighter than other poll sisters. what are you showing today? >> 47% for obama, 46% for mitt romney. the race six weeks to go, have much in the air. it will-be interesting to see what happens after the debates next week. megyn: what are you showing in terms of the critical swing states? >> the most important swing states of ohio, florida and virginia, the president is up by 1 or 2 points. he has got a big lead in pennsylvania. but if we really want to gauge
11:04 am
what's happening on elect night. watch those first three states, virginia, ohio and florida. you will have a pretty good idea who is going to be president. megyn: six weeks away. the morning remarks describing the crisis in the middle east as bumps in the road in his middle east policy, the romney campaign has hit hard at the president for that comment. here with reaction to today's big speech, senior adviser to the romney campaign, dan seymour. even in the mainstream press who tend to be more supportive of the president have been making an issue of that comment saying if mitt romney would have said that it would have dominated the news coverage for a week. is it a big deal? >> sure. three weeks ago the president and his campaign wanted to talk exclusively about foreign
11:05 am
policy. they believed this was a major trump card and we were happy to have a debate about foreign policy. needless to say the last couple weeks they seem inclined to play things down on developments around the world. most americans are turning on the televisions, they are sensing a sort of unraveling abroad, embassies under siege. american officials being attacked, killed in some cases, iran closer to a nuclear bomb, syria up in flames. increasing tension went u.s. government and the government of the israel. you take a step back and think these aren't just bumps in the road. this is big stuff happening. megyn: you spent a lot of time in that region. gregg gutfeld made a joke on the air that is on point. they are out there chanting death to america and burning american flags which means it's thursday. it's not something we haven't
11:06 am
seen before. do you believe it's something different than you have seen in the past? >> two things. when the president came to office he made the case that he was going to reach out to various countries in the arab muslim world, various leaders and that his outretch, his outstretched hand would be enough to cool tensions in these places. megyn: he said at his inauguration that we would see progress in that way. >> that hasn't happened. what has happened by taking actions like dramatic cuts to our defense budget and putting daylight between us and israel. the president said i'm going to put daylight between the u.s. and israel because the close approximate i am tir has hurt our efforts in the region. he chose to give a speech in cairo about this big speech. he traveled to cairo and riyadh,
11:07 am
he didn't travel to israel. i think there is a sense out in the region that we are dealing with -- they are dealing with a more receipdealing with amore r. that bipartisan consensus may be fraying. i think that something extremists will seize upon. i do think things are worse. i think there is a sense of an unraveling abroad. megyn: the president says if that the case it's because progress and change takes time. he said we supported the arab spring and there is a vacuum of power that the extremists are faking advantage.
11:08 am
the mother of one of those navy seals, barbara doherty came out and reportedly gave an interview in which she said she agreed these are bumps in the road. she said they are living under horrid conditions. you can't expect to it happen in one night. >> i think that you need to be careful about not giving a blanket summary and sweeping judgment and putting these events into one or two sentences. you have got to go country by country. there are different dynamics going on at different places. in syria it's been the president said assad must go. it's iran's closest ally. iran is far closer to getting a nuclear weapon than it was when the president took office. tensions between the united states and israel are worse than they have been for as long as i have been following u.s.-israel
11:09 am
relations. and you can't just dismiss all that. there is something going on. each these places have their own policies. some circumstances are unique. but there are big picture messages coming out of washington that aren't healthy that there is a sense that america tried this strategy of reaching out to some of our adversaries without preconditions to giving the outstretched hand to the charm and the biography of the president. it hasn't worked. the fact that it hasn't worked i think bad actors are seizing upon that lack of leadership. megyn: president obama is not meeting with any world leaders. it's the first time it's happened in two decades. >> i think it's a missed opportunity. at a time when the world is so unsettled. it's the time when the president
11:10 am
of the use the is not only receiving invitations from world leaders but demanding them is sad. megyn: fox news alert on inflammatory comments made by senate majority leader harry reid. he told reporters governor romney is not the faith of mormonism and that romney has sullied his faith. jasojay jason chaffetz firing b. >> reporter: these comments came friday during a conference call with reporters ahead of mitt romney's tour visit to utah. he blasted romney. he said he's coming to a state where there are a lot of members of the lds church.
11:11 am
they understand he is not the face of mormonism. reid was repeating a quote in an opinion piece written by an author and mormon historian and romney supporter who turned against romney after the comment about the 47%. french wrote in the "huffington post" *. judge romney as you will and vote for and against him as you will. but do not judge mormonism on the basis of the mitt romney that was unveiled to the week. he is not the face of mormonism. hsh took it a step further saying he had sullied the religion he and prince share. other mormons have said mitt romney's campaign has been a positive influence. j.w. marriott of the marriott hotel chain said the campaign was wonderful. story after story talking about
11:12 am
mitt romney's mormonism, the family who had a premature daughter who had premature complications. and the 14-year-old dying boy who befriended mitt romney and had mitt romney write his will. >> the next time mitt went to the hospital he was equipped with a yellow legal. and pen. together they made david's will. that is a task that no child should ever have to do. but it gave david peace of mind. so after david's death we were able to give his skateboard, his model rockets and fishing gear to his best friends. >> reporter: we have contacted the romney campaign. so far no comment. the mormon church also has not commented about harry reid's comments. megyn: right after this break frank luntz is going to be here.
11:13 am
he's the author of "words that work." we are going to ask him if this is a calculated attack meant to put mormonism front and center in the campaign. and more on the president's decision to appear on "the view" today while not meeting with any of the world leaders coming to the united nations. [ male announcer ] this is rudy.
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11:16 am
megyn: fox news alert. back to breaking news on inflammatory comments made about it senate majority leader. this is the senate's highest-ranking democrat about mitt romney's faith. senate majority leader harry reid is telling voters governor romney is not the face of mormonism and he has quote sullied his faith. another well-known mormon jason chaffetz firing back and calling this way out of bound. this is the news crossing into the fox news wires.
11:17 am
but joining me now to react is pollster frank luntz. he's author of the book called "words that work." and his web site is if you want to sit in on one of his famous focus groups. what do you make of this? >> i hope it's not true. i hope harry reid did not say mitt romney has sullied his faith. can you imagine the reaction if this happened within the catholics or jews? it's usually anyone who brings up religion is doing so to make a political point which the american people resent. they do not want religion and politics crossing between each other. i hope says he was misquoted. the idea that you would use your religion and suggest someone else isn't god at his faith or has sullied his faith.
11:18 am
that would be new low. i know harry reid. i hope it wasn't saying. fl. megyn: we are getting this -- this is just breaking. this is reporting it saying he did it during a conference call with reporters. it wouldn't be. you tell me why would they want that out there and why would they be going to harry reid? >> because harry reid has bent attack dog for the democrats. he's quite often to be the one to launch the attacks. the issue for reid being a mormon himself. why would you connect these two issues? and we have been as a country with obama becoming president, we have broken down barriers repeatedly. why would you want to put a religious barrier in front of the american people? megyn: if you had a top
11:19 am
republican surrogate going out and saying barack obama is not the face of christianity ... >> that person would be fired within 60 seconds. mitt romney is a great father, an amazing husband, as is barack obama and the idea that you would launch something so hideous and so deliberately divisive this close to the election, megyn, i don't understand it. it doesn't make sense to me. it's not a good strategy the american people will see through it. megyn: we saw the obama campaign going after mitt romney. but then when we got to the democratic national convention the message changed dramatically. having been at both conventions i can tell you we saw a week of testimonials on mitt romney's behalf including a lot of folks to whom he ministered when he was a mormon minister. we saw a clip in trace
11:20 am
gallagher's report of a little boy, a 7-year-old who was dying, he helped him write his will. a little girl who suffered a brain hemmage. mitt romney personally making thanksgiving dish and bringing it over to the family. the dnc actually said romney is a good guy, but different policies. why the shift back if this is coming from the campaign? >> they made the decision this is not going to be a refer even couple on barack obama. the obama dam pain i think has decided that this will be a referendum on mitt romney. between thousand and election day other than the debates you won't see any positive obama ads or anything about what is going to be the next four years. the goal will be to demonize mitt romney. i don't understand why go at him as a person. i can understand criticizing his business record. but why would you attack the person when his own life -- megyn: this issue of mormonism.
11:21 am
this is not the first time we have seen mormonism attacked by people who don't like mitt romney. "the salt lake review" has the original reporting. is this an attempt to zair people who don't understand that tradition? >> the fact that it's "the salt lake tribune" leads me to believe he was not misquoted. we have to look at what happens after the election. how are you going to bring there is country back together? how are we going have a civil dialogue about things we believe in without smears against each other and bringing these shall use into the process. this country is being wrecked because of what's going on. this is just the latest example. i would be -- i would hope other democrats would ask harry reid to apologize. megyn: including president obama? should he say he doesn't speak for me. >> if someone made the same
11:22 am
accusations about barack obama, i believe the romney campaign would apologize. the same thing should happen here. i think harry reid owes mitt romney an apology. megyn: coming up, we'll have a debate about why president obama is not meeting with world leaders for the first time in two decades. [ female announcer ] want to spend less and retire with more? then don't get nickle and dimed by high cost investments and annoying account fees. at e-trade, our free easy-to-use online tools and experienced retirement specialists
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11:25 am
megyn: the re cent confrontation between china and japan shining a new light on china's effort to become a super power of the high seas. it's causing concern for the u.s. navy. >> reporter: china antijuan yesterday had a run-in as well. the united states as well as the
11:26 am
president and congress talks about cutting back on the military. there is a repositioning taking effect with the majority of forces coming to the pacific in response to china's military buildup. today they launched their first aircraft carrier they bought from the ukraine. a former soviet aircraft carrier. they will tell you china is a force to be reckoned with. >> china's defense budget has expanded 30% the past 30 years. it started from a low base. about it allowed china and the chinese military to become one of the most significant and consequential military powers. >> reporter: this china military buildup concerns not only the united states, but also many of our allies in region like south korea, japan, taiwan and australia.
11:27 am
even smaller allies like the pill fiends and vietnam who have asked the u.s. to be even stronger allies. even in singapore. when you talk to the military it's about making sure america continues to be powerful in the pacific. >> 80% of the people live within 100 miles of the coastline. 90% of world trade goes on the ocean. this isn't just about military being there for adversarial relationships. it's about for stability of the way we are able to live in the world today. >> with a greater chinese presence and other smaller nations. there is one in japan and just yesterday with taiwan, the chinese presence is something that's being noted very seriously along the pacific rim. megyn: controversial senate candidate elizabeth warren back
11:28 am
in the news accused of practicing law without a license. we'll look at the accusations in "kelly's court." president obama under fire speaking at the u.n. abearing the ladies of the view and becoming the first american leaders in two decades to not meet with any world leaders during the u.n. general assembly. why is that? why is he doing that? he's taking flack even from some on the left. joe trippi and ed rollins are here next. ♪ leaving my homeland
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11:32 am
that's the power of german engineering. megyn: well, new questions today in a story we've been following this week on president obama, the united nations and his re-election campaign. after brief remarks this morning at the u.n., the president is back home in washington. the white house says he is just too busy to meet with any world leaders, but mr. obama had time to tape an appearance on "the view" yesterday which aired today. all this while headlines warn about serious events overseas like this one from reuters. in new york defiant ahmadinejad says israel will be e limb maided. -- eliminated. and, quote, two pakistanis offer $200,000 to kill anti-muslim film maker, that one from cbs news. so what of the president's decision? joining me now, fox news contributor ed rollins, he was director of ronald reagan's 1984
11:33 am
re-election campaign and has had major roles in nine other national campaigns and joe trippi, former campaign manager for howard dean. gentlemen, welcome. >> thank you. megyn: why is he doing this? i'll start with you, ed. why is he the first american president in two decades to not meet with any world leaders in the general assembly? >> i think he's trying to run out the clock. he's got a slight lead in this election, he doesn't want to get into dialogue that may lead to something embarrassing. he has this disaster on his hand, we had an american ambassador and three other members of our state department killed just three weeks ago. we've got chaos going on there, american flags being burned, and i think he sort of wants to pretend like it's not happening on my watch, and i think that's an irresponsible place to be, but i don't think he could choose who he wanted to meet with, and i think he wasn't ready to do that. he just wants to debate and move on. megyn: joe, i understand that it's an election season, but we
11:34 am
also have serious world events going on. he didn't meet with the head of pakistan, he didn't meet with the head of libya, a country in which we just had a terrorist attack on four americans who were killed, he didn't meet with the head of egypt who, you know, he just recently said was not an ally, and then they tried to dial that back on the white house. instead, he delegated it to hillary clinton. she's a heavyweight, but she's not the president. >> no, but i don't think -- look, i disagree with ed to some extent in that i think this is about message control. he got to walk out there on the world stage at the u.n. addressing the assembly and knew every single word he was going to say and control that message for 40 minutes. and it's also the image. that's the one everybody saw around the world and in the united states, was the president of the united states at the u.n. addressing the world. and that's a better picture than, you know, running around to different meetings with these guys when he can be talking with them on the phone and other
11:35 am
things. and also i think ed's right, though, if you have those meetings, the other party's going to leave and say things afterwards like he didn't tell us what we wanted to hear -- megyn: but let me jump in and ask you, joe, how is that any different from what any other american president has faced when the u.n. general assembly's in session and they all have bilateral and trilateral meetings? >> no, i think, like i said, this is about controlling the message. they've done a great job of this throughout the campaign. he is the president. look at what he's accomplished. he's being both the president of the united states, leader of the free world in one moment, and then an hour or so later he's the guy everybody likes on "the view." he's being able to accomplish both things and pull it off with commanding control of the message that's being delivered not just here, but throughout the world. megyn: but is that what people walk away with, ed, or do they walk away with that he had time for whoopi goldberg -- >> no disrespect to the ladies
11:36 am
on "the view," but that's not a serious show. this is a serious time, serious time for this president and this country, and he should be talking to serious people, and i think it's not a question of just going on to make women feel good about who watch "the view" show and entertain them. his job's to be commander in chief. and i think that he's failed miserably on the economic front, i think he's starting to unravel on the international front, and i think he tries to duck and dodge it, and i think he's treading water just trying to get through these weeks. megyn: you know, joe, we went back and looked at president bush, he sat down with the leaders of pakistan, afghanistan, iraq, india and japan. it was a busy time then, it was a tumultuous time, and he also was in a re-election battle, but he made the time. i mean, i understand messaging is important when you're running for re-election, and re-election is important to the president and his policies. but, you know, does he also need to think about the united states' standing and the ability
11:37 am
to forge relationships with some of these key, strategic partners to us? >> no, of course he does can. but he's also, look, he's got, obviously, a different style than president bush did. and i think that's also part of the thing that's going on here. i mean, look, you know, as the president, you know, said a few days ago, if mitt romney, you know, thinks we ought to go to war, he should say that. this president has a different view of how you conduct foreign policy. republicans may -- and americans may not like and, obviously, there are americans who don't like his foreign policy -- but this is the way he conducts it, and, you know, he made promises of getting out of iraq, we had. he's drawing down in afghanistan. again, there are people who don't want to see him do that, but that's what he's done. and he said he was going to get bin laden, and he did that. again, it's not the rhetoric, it's not the bravado of the words, it's what he does that matters for him in foreign
11:38 am
policy, and that's what i think he showed today in his speech and i think what he's trying to project moving forward not just in the campaign, but for foreign policy and a second term. megyn: uh-huh. ed, do you think that -- i was watching another morning show this morning not on fox news channel, and they had, they had someone on who was suggesting the reason he's not meeting with these world leaders is because he is an introvert, and that's why he didn't meet with leaders on capitol hill either. >> well, he is an introvert, and i think part of the weakness he's had is he runs away from the occasions where he needs to sit. it's one thing to stand up and give a speech in front of the u.n. it's another thing that sit in a room and basically tell them what americans feel. americans feel very, very strongly that we had an ambassador killed last week, we're not going to tolerate this behavior, we're not going to continue to give billions of dollars to places like egypt if you're not going to respect us and secure our people. that's the behind the scenes type stuff, and that's a significant part of being a leader.
11:39 am
giving speeches is just a very small part of all this. megyn: i want to shift gears in the minute we have left and ask you about the breaking news about senator harry reid who attacked mitt romney on taxes. as it turns out, you know, unfounded attacks, that he didn't pay taxes for the past ten years, now we know that's not true, who's now come out and told the salt ladies and salt le that mitt romney's sullied the mormon religion. joe? >> that's harry reid. look, harry reid is a mean and machiavellian politician, he just is, as machiavellian as you get on either side of the aisle, and it's tough. he's going to throw fast, hard and inside, and, look, the part of this for mitt romney is if you're, if you're running for president and you can't handle harry reid during the campaign, you're not going to be able to handle him -- megyn: well, is it a question, joe, about being able to handle it, or is it just a question of, you know, going there at all? because i asked frank luntz, can
11:40 am
you imagine if you had a top romney surrogate come out and say barack obama's not the face of christianity, he's sullied that religion? >> well, first of all, harry reid's a mormon, so i guess that gives him some license or cover to do it, but the fact of the matter -- megyn: i'll get to you in a second, ed, i promise. >> come on. >> the fact of the matter is -- >> you can't say he sullied the religion. it's like a catholic saying to another catholic, this is outrageous -- >> ed, and guess what? republicans can jump on the smoke alarm again. this is what's been going on all summer long. the democrats or the obama campaign or harry reid or somebody says felon, and then the republicans all go crazy -- >> harry reid lied about -- >> harry reid -- [inaudible conversations] spend two days talking about mormonism. >> give me two minutes. give me a second. you've been rambling on here. [laughter] >> that's true. >> at the end of the day he lied about taxes saying that romney hadn't paid taxes.
11:41 am
he now has the audacity to stand up, one of the most revered mormons in the church that every mormon across the country will tell you, saying he's sullied the church without saying how, that's just outrageous. once again, as you say, it's off message, but it doesn't do the president any good and the democratic party any good. megyn: it may be off message, but you guys have been around the block, is this about putting the scary mormon image out in front of people who don't understand mormonism or think it's a cult? it's a christian faith, but there are some people in this country who don't like it or don't understand it, and is this actually taking advantage of that, joe? >> i think -- no. i think this is about creating a smoke screen for two or three days. that romney may overreact to it like they've done on many other things. and we spend two or three days talking about this attack instead of what romney wants to talk about. i don't think it's about scaring
11:42 am
anybody, it's about bluffing romney into engaging on another issue that doesn't matter. >> well, it's outrageous when the leader of the senate would basically say to a fellow mormon, you have sullied my faith without any evidence. it's one of these ridiculous charges that harry reid is notorious for -- >> i agree with that. megyn: great debate. i've never seen you so fiery. ed, joe, always a pleasure. >> thank you. megyn: follow me on twitter @megyn kelly. should mitt romney respond to that? should he take the bait? should president obama be weighing in on that? let me know what you think @megyn kelly. up next, elizabeth warren finds herself back in kelly's court today. why? because she is now being accused of practicing law without a license, and let me tell ya, that's not good. kelly's court is next. >> over main street --, oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan,
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11:46 am
candidate elizabeth warren back in the news and again over questions about her past. this time a law professor at cornell university is offering what he says is evidence that ms. warren practiced law in massachusetts without a license, which is illegal and potentially could wind somebody, could land somebody six months in jail. specifically, in working on at least one supreme court case while reportedly using her cambridge address in legal briefs. she's a harvard law professor. but in a radio interview just yesterday, ms. warren says she never practiced law in massachusetts. listen here. >> you're not admitted to the massachusetts bar, what is that about? is that true, and what does that have to do with anything? [laughter] >> oh, so i've been inactive in the new jersey bar for a very, very long time, and, um, they had changes in their continuing legal education, and i couldn't go down to new jersey and take -- >> so you're not admitted to the bar in massachusetts? >> no. >> you're not admitted? >> no. >> don't you practice? >> no. >> oh, you don't?
11:47 am
>> no. >> okay. megyn: so did ms. warren practice law without a license, and what would the consequences of that be? joey jackson and mercedes cohen, fox news legal analysts. william jacobson comes out with this allegation saying, let me tell you, she did it, and it's a violation of law, and then you have some legal heavyweights who know and like ms. warren coming out and saying he's completely off base, it's not true, and now professor jacobson is coming out and saying, it is true, and not backing down. so you've got this battle of the legal scholars about whether she violated the law. we'll have our own battle now. [laughter] mercedes, what is the argument that she did violatesome. >> well, finally, professor jacobson, who has no skin in the game, all he's thinking about are the ethical ramifications here, but we know that ms. warren had already consulted with clients, we know that she worked with a law firm on a part megyn: in massachusetts. >> in massachusetts.
11:48 am
we know that she's not -- i mean, you have the the admission on tape. she's inactive in jersey, so she can't practice there. she claims on her resumé that she was admitted in texas, but there is no evidence whether she still can practice in texas. but lo and behold, she puts in an amicus brief, she has her name emblazoned on the front page, it lists her address for everyone to see, this is a public record if you have, if you make that statement, you have that record, you're telling everyone -- including prospective clients and the climates you're representing currently -- i can practice law without any foundation. we know that she can't. she admits it on her own -- megyn: all this started because during her debate with scott brown the other night in massachusetts, she talked about her work on this asbestos case. he went after her, and she defended it, and it became clear she had done this, and now this legal scholar is saying, oh, she made a harmful admission because if you don't have a law license
11:49 am
in the state, you're not allowed to practice law there. it's a crime. >> exactly. megyn: but the question is, what amounts to the practice of law, joey? >> much ado about nothing, megyn. do me a favor, remind me never to run for political office, because they'll make this an issue! it's a nonissue. megyn: what'd you do? >> you do have a license to practice, joey. >> i need two months to explain! it's an amicus brief -- megyn: friend of the court brief. >> yes, it's a supreme court submission which is federal law. as a result of a supreme court admission, we know because we're all lawyers, megyn, you, mercedes is a lawyer, we studied these in law school. any supreme court admission is an academic endeavor, exercise -- megyn: but, but, joey -- professor jacobson also says that she represented numerous other companies starting in the late '90s working out and using her harvard law school office in cambridge -- >> glad to address that. megyn: which she listed on various briefs filed with the
11:50 am
court. no license in massachusetts. >> here's the point. she did note that on her briefs. if you look at the briefs, however, it also indicates that she is a law professor, and as a result of that, she's indicating she's a law professor. there's also on this brief the indication that she's assisting a variety of other attorneys and is not engaged in the individual practice of representation. megyn: you know what, mercedes? once upon a time i used to practice law, as you know, and i was admitted to new york, illinois and massachusetts, but i never knew i could file a brief in california and note on the front i'm not really admitted here, but could you please take me? [laughter] >> the u.s. supreme court has rules about this. they say, look, you have to be admitted to the highest court of the state in which you practice. we don't have any evidence she's admitted or be admitted in a d.c. district. we don't have evidence of that either. there are specific rules, and professor jacobson's right. if you have a fiduciary duty, you have a fiduciary duty, we're all privileged to be lawyers. we talk to our clients, we say
11:51 am
that we can make the arguments, we can go forward and be their mouthpiece whether it's in court or on paper, and this person doesn't have the -- >> can we be clear about a few things here? megyn: well -- yeah, we can. we'll carry it over. joey, we'll get back to you on the other side of the break. >> thank you, megyn. megyn: stay tuned. :
11:52 am
11:53 am
11:54 am
11:55 am
>> we are talking about federal supreme court brief, but it can be insulting. >>megyn: so if it is a federal case she is fine? >> absolutely. >> number two, if you look and examine it, you have for maintain a law office for the purpose of practicing law. she maintains a law office as a professor and as a result of the professor she is lending her ability, her it will, her knowledge, as a party among other lawyers. >> we all went to law school. what law professor did any of us have that had an active practice? or had clients? or worked on a brief? and working with law firm? it is not just the brief.
11:56 am
making a representation that she can actually practice alongside others. >>megyn: the law office was temporary and not a systematic presence she would be okay. if she did not hold herself as being admitted in massachusetts she would be okay. you make a good point the head of the board of bar overseers those people who yell at you and put you in trouble if you mess up, they say she is fine. that is persuasive evidence. i end with this, mercedes: if, if, if she was charged with a crime and she took the appeal to the united states supreme court there could be a conflict. her former boss as harvard, who is it? >> my gosh...elena kagan. >> she may recuse herself. >>megyn: she will have to explain why she let elizabeth warren practice law. >> she is innocent as charged.
11:57 am
it is perfectly fine. >>megyn: thank you both so much. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
11:58 am
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